Vintage car show brings back memories for residents of Northampton retirement village

A retirement village in Northampton held its own classic car event for residents and members of the public earlier in April.

More than 70 people attended the event in Richmond Villages Northampton on April 16 when the ground hosted a range of 15 classic car models from the Austin 7 to the Austin Cambridge – all models chosen by residents who gave them their recalled their youth.

Reflecting on the day, village resident Jean Allen said, “It was such a special day for me and the other village residents. Seeing the cars in person brought back so many memories of my youth. It was remarkable to see the Austin 7, as it was the car I had my first drive in – I was so excited I just had to jump in for a photo.

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Neil Percival and Carol Linnett in the Heinkel bubble car

Throughout the event, attendees received forms to choose their winners in the “Best in Show” and “Runner Up” categories. Following the vote, local resident Steve Shipley received first prize for his Austin 7 car and presented with a certificate, a bottle of prosecco and a rosette.

Additionally, in support of Richmond Villages Northampton ‘Local Charity of the Year’, Cynthia Spencer, the village also sold tickets and donated prizes for its Easter raffle, which totaled 287 £ for vital cause. Cynthia Spencer provides inpatient care, outpatient services, palliative home care, lymphedema services and clinical nurse specialist palliative care services in the local community.

More than 70 people attended the car show, which was raising money for Cynthia Spencer Hospice

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