Seniors celebrated at the Alberton Retirement Village

The Alberton Retirement Village Board of Management recently celebrated the lives of its residents who had reached the age of 90 or older.

They embraced those landmark years of a group of seniors who would belong to the members of CLUB 90.

One of the oldest members, Wally Hunter (95), said his main intention was to age very long in order to squeeze as much money as possible out of his pension fund. The peaceful atmosphere of the village attracts him and his wife Noreen.

Wally Hunter, 95 years old. Photography: Provided.

Makkie Pienaar (94) is now the proud grandmother of her first great-grandchild and said she counts her blessings every day.

Makkie Pienaar, 94 years old. Photograph: provided.

Annette van Vuuren, who had turned 93, is best known for her great sense of humor. Her neighbors and other residents in her immediate area best describe her as the “sweet aunt”.

Isabel Barrett, who also just turned 93, was also celebrated. Isabel is said to have a quiet, modest nature and a quick smile. She was employed as a shorthand typist during her professional career and loved her job.

Isabel Barrett, who also just turned 93. Photograph: provided.

Gwen Gallo, also 93, said her children and grandchildren love and care for her; she considers herself extremely blessed.

Gwen Gallo, 93 years old. Photograph: provided.

Jean Muller, now 92, said living in the village had added many more years to her life as they had no worries.

Hannie van Brakel (91) moved to Johannesburg in 1948 and married Callie Coetzee, a Capetonian, in 1949. She was blessed with three great-grandchildren and a great-granddaughter, who according to her, enriched her life.

Hannie van Brakel, 91 years old. Photograph: provided.

Joan Mouton (90), also appreciated, has lived in the village since January 1999. She said she was delighted, especially since her relatives also live in the village.

Joan Mouton, 90 years old. Photograph: provided.

Also 90, Jo Jacobson was a self-proclaimed ‘talker’, who admitted she loved conversation and was a food lover.

They also enjoyed the late Phyllis Lötter, who would have turned 90 earlier this year.

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