Retirement village maintains high levels of hygiene with Electrolux Barrier Washer

Hygiene is an extremely important consideration in the design and operation of aged care facilities. When our loved ones make the transition to assisted living, we often consider aspects such as comfort, care and, of course, their overall health and well-being.

Now more than ever, hygiene really matters, especially in healthcare and aged care facilities. An Electrolux Barrier Laundry System is the best defense against the spread of microorganisms and cross-infection through residents’ laundry.

The Star of the Sea Retirement Village is a state-of-the-art aged care residence in Torquay, Victoria, located on over 240km of beautiful coastline.

Residents of the retirement village enjoy independent living while enjoying the resort-style facilities and community environment. Residents also benefit from the best laundry system to meet their needs, safely and conveniently.

During a recent tour of the Star of the Sea Retirement Village in its stunning coastal location, Director of Resident Services Andrew Venosta explained, “One of the fundamental principles of laundry service operations in residential elderly is to ensure the minimization and minimization of the risk of cross infection. .”

“Everything we do here at Star of the Sea is about the residents of their homes, their way of life and their quality of life at the end of the day.”

Andrew explained that they needed to be able to wash residents’ clothes and do it well so that the clothes could be returned to an acceptable standard. “We like our residents to be happy, look good and feel good about how they look, so we need a laundry that allows us to achieve that.”

However, the use of the barrier laundry system does not stop at washing clothes. The facility also uses the versatility of its Electrolux Barrier Washer to wash sheets, towels, bedding, cleaning rags, mop heads and more.

“Electrolux was included in the project from the start because they have the expertise and we invited them to come and provide us with a framework and a brief for our laundry needs. I would recommend the Electrolux machines, they are simple to use, have had minimal maintenance and are well taken care of by the service aspects of the business,” Andrew explained.

When it comes to hygiene control, Electrolux recognizes that there is no room for compromise. That’s why seniors’ residences like the Star of the Sea Retirement Village trust Electrolux barrier washers to get the job done safely and efficiently.

As the global laundry hygiene expert, Electrolux Professional offers the widest range of solutions and the best program flexibility on the market.

Everything is developed in close collaboration with global hygiene experts to meet your laundry and hygiene needs. To learn more about building a sustainable business with Electrolux Professional, check out our full range of commercial laundry equipment.

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