Retirement community fire requires response to 3 OKCFD alarms

OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) – What started as a stove fire in an apartment at a downtown retirement center ended Saturday with the Oklahoma City Fire Department calling for a response to 3 alarms involving several teams.

The four-story Wesley Village Retirement community at 300 Northwest 12th Street specializes in housing people ages 62 and older with efficiency and one-bedroom apartments.

A kitchen fire in a single apartment spread to furniture in the unit and created a smoke hazard for older residents of the building at the time.

“A sprinkler head had activated before firefighters arrived and had confined the fire to the original room. It was still necessary for firefighters to complete fire extinguishing of some of the contents of the room. piece,” Battalion Commander Benny Fulkerson said.

“A response to 3 alerts was requested for additional staff for several needs; to assist in any possible evacuation, to assist in any possible assessment of the patient for potential smoke inhalation, for smoke extraction from all floors, and for water evacuation from the first floor,” Fulkerson said.

An EMBARK bus was called to the site of a fire at the Wesley Village retirement community in the city center to keep residents warm after leaving the building due to smoke. (provided by OKCFD)

The OKCFD called for an EMBARK bus to come to the scene to protect residents from the cold as firefighters assisted their exit from the building as smoke poured down all four floors.

The resident of the apartment where the fire started was checked for smoke inhalation and ended up being transported to a local hospital “for further evaluation”.

No other injuries were reported. No damage estimate was given at the time.

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