Raglan Village Retirement Community prioritizes a healthy lifestyle in its residence

At any age and at any stage of our life, it is important to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. However, for seniors, it is imperative to maintain their emotional and physical health during their golden years.

At Raglan Village Retirement Community in Collingwood, they encourage and support their residents to lead active and healthy lives, in order to maintain optimal health and well-being.

Catherine Elliott, Marketing Director at Raglan Village, said a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with a balance of physical activity, good nutrition and social interactions, all of which contribute to achieving good physical, mental and mental health. and emotional.

Retirement is a time to enjoy life and as older people live longer, Elliott said they seek fulfillment and enrichment in their lives. Therefore, Raglan operates much like a family-oriented all-inclusive resort, where everyone becomes part of the village, and they are encouraged to give their opinion to ensure they live their best life at home. retirement.

“Raglan employees all know that our number one priority is the residents, it’s their home, to be enjoyed in their own way,” she said.

Discovering residents’ needs begins with the first visit to Raglan

Many seniors are reluctant to leave their homes and move to a retirement community, Elliott said, due to fears of losing their independence, their sense of community, as well as their perception of what they think of as a home. of retirement.

“I believe one of the reasons people put off investigating life in retirement is because they confuse it with long-term care, associating it with memories of previous years when supporting their parents throughout this journey. They are pleasantly surprised to find that the retirement residence is an extension of what they do now at home, but with neighbours, friends and support,” she said.

At Raglan, Elliott said from the first meeting with someone, the goal of Raglan Village is to make them feel at home, to get to know them and to make discoveries about that individual for the prepare for success from the start.

Based on what she learns, Elliott said she starts thinking about other residents they can socialize with or eat meals with, making sure the foods they enjoy are on the menu and their passes are on the menu. – favorite times are available to be enjoyed.

“It’s a process of discovery on my part,” she says. “Raglan managers meet with new residents in the preliminary stages to find out what setting best suits the individual lifestyle within the community and what activities they will enjoy the most.”

Elliott added that it is important to establish a sense of community and belonging, while letting them know that even in their senior years, friendships and special bonds will continue to be established.

Opportunities to stay active and social in Raglan mean residents have the freedom to choose

From the moment a Raglan resident wakes up and walks out their door with their neighbor for lunch, Elliot said the opportunities for socializing and participating in activities begin. She said after breakfast, a plethora of fitness classes and activities are available and residents can choose how they want to spend their day each day.

“Puzzles, card groups, petanque, entertainment, billiards, shuffleboard, pool/spa area where aquafitness classes, line dancing and much more are offered! The pandemic has changed the way activities can take place and we have seen some of them disappear for a while, but they are available again and are part of daily life in Raglan,” she said.

While Covid has suspended outdoor excursions such as shopping, waterfront parks and adventures, boat cruises and theater outings, Elliot said residents are enjoying tours and excursions with their family and friends while learning about the four season community of Collingwood and area.

The goal, she said, is to provide residents with the right combination of care, support and enrichment, while having the freedom to choose how to live their best life, as they choose.

To learn more about Raglan Village Retirement Community or to take a tour, call them at 1-705-445-1100 or contact them today!

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