Primrose Retirement Community residents stay active with LyndaFit

Residents of Primrose Retirement Community remain active despite their age and disability. LyndaFit, a locally owned and operated business, strives to help residents maintain and retain their independence, for as long as possible.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week, residents of the independent living and assisted living areas of the facility come together to train and have fun. Those who participate in exercises with LyndFit are fortunate to receive expert instruction from Lynda Knudtson, a fitness instructor.

Knudtson has over 30 years of experience and decades spent working with patients with Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Through her business, she aims to help all members of the community, regardless of ability level, achieve overall well-being.

She shares, “My clientele now is generally women (in their 40s) and up. So women like me. Learn more about her experience on the Meet Lynda page on her website.

Well-being to achieve independence

Hired by Primrose’s operations director, Knudtson regularly scheduled blocks on his wellness calendar each week. Her fitness classes last 30 minutes. It gives residents the opportunity to focus on their bodies and their abilities. Although there is some continuity, the courses strive to help real people with the reality of life’s changes.

“Yeah, we’re not in our twenties or thirties. We have a few pinches in our hinges. And there are mornings when we feel all the bad life decisions we’ve made. But we still have the joy of living says the fitness instructor.

Every fitness class is different. On some days, the group works on toning, flexibility, balance and strength exercises that apply to real-life scenarios. Knudtson explains that an exercise known as “walking and reaching” can help residents accomplish tasks like reaching for a cup of coffee on the counter. She goes on to say, “Our exercises are related to daily activities and daily living, like getting in and out of a car. We don’t want anyone to help us get in and out of the car. So we will have stronger legs to do it by exercising.

Another group favorite is what the class calls “porta-potties” and it mimics a squat. Knudtson shares, “Nobody likes to do squats, no matter how old you are. So I tell them to do a ‘porta-potty’, so we hover over the chair, but we don’t want to touch it, and everyone laughs.

Elderly residents of Primrose enjoy playing a modified game of hockey

Balance the fun

While working to help residents stay as independent as possible at Primrose, the class always makes room for fun. The class enjoys playing volleyball, soccer and even modified hockey. Plus, they’ve put their own twist on a classic kids’ parachute game, but instead they’re using sheets and balls to play a game of “popcorn.”

“They like it, but they’re making me rip and run for this game because they’re popping those balls all over the place.” It’s a practice session for the residents and Lynda. More recently, residents have had fun playing hockey. They received pool noodles to use as hockey sticks and balls to use as pucks.

Benefits? Even jokingly, she explains that Primrose residents have increased and improved range of motion, upper body range of motion, flexibility and engagement. These activities also help keep everyone mentally engaged.

“It’s just that,” Lynda shares, “you’re never too old to stay physically active and you’re never too old to play.”

About Primrose Retirement Community

Primrose Retirement Communities, founded in 1989, believes that a retirement community should “reward its residents with value, comfort, safety and convenience,” according to their website.

Primrose Retirement Community currently has 32 sites in 17 states, including three in Wisconsin. Besides Racine, located at 1775 N. Newman Road, there are also retirement communities in Appleton and Wasau.

The Racine Retirement Community offers assisted living, townhouse and independent living options so that seniors have the privacy and freedoms they deserve with the security and care and support they need 24 hours a day.

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