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A humorous video made by Overlook Village Senior Living941 6th St., Moline, went viral and produced an unlikely star.

Betty Loose, 93, a resident of Overlook Village, filmed the video in the bathroom of her residence where she is seen standing in front of her shower curtain.

“My doctor told me to put a bar in my shower…so I did.”

Suddenly, the shower curtain pulls back, revealing Loose sitting among liquor bottles. She raises a glass of vodka on the rocks in a toast.

In just three weeks, the video racked up nearly a million views on TikTok and 5,000 on the Overlook Village Facebook page. Loose is more than just an influencer. She’s a big influencer.

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Overlook Village Activity Directors Mindy Dodd and Rachel Hammond produced the video and recruited Loose to star in it, knowing its natural comedic timing would be a hit.

“Betty has always been a celebrity in our book,” Dodd said. “It just checked what celebrity presence she has.”

Dodd said the idea came from a meme she saw of two photos with the same captions and thought it would be fun to replicate it as a video with one of their residents.

“We make these videos and share them with residents and their family members,” Dodd said. “They love it. Their families love seeing them on TikTok.”

The nursing home is quickly gaining a reputation for its clever and humorous videos. A Halloween video Dodd and Hammond produced last year, showing residents at the facility, also drew thousands of views on social media.

The video with Loose is the first in a series that Dodd wants to produce with her. The next video will show Loose saying something similar to “My dentist said I should have a crown…so I did.” At this point, Loose will place a crown on his head.

“Look for more ‘Betty’ videos to come,” Dodd said.

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