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Elderly residents of the Kruinhof retirement village in Elandsfontein have faced smelly sewers and clogged water pipes for two months.

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The pensioners reported to the GCN on July 6 that their voices were not heard by the management of the home and the neighborhood councillor.

They blamed the municipality for not maintaining the village.

Marie van der Merwe, 82, said the counselor or guards were not helpful.

“We are told that we have to wait until July because the municipality has no money,” van der Merwe said.

“The call center phone just rings for 10 hours and then it automatically hangs up,” she said.

She said they couldn’t use their toilets and bathrooms or the kitchen sinks.

Elderly residents are forced to live with blocked toilet systems at the Kruinhof retirement village in Elandsfontein.

“When we flush, the water rises. The kitchen sink as well as our exterior drains were blocked,” van der Merwe said.

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“I had to hire mobile toilets for R1,400 for two weeks. Our living conditions are unsanitary for anyone, let alone people our age,” she said.

“The last time I lived for three weeks without hot water was because of a faulty cable. I had to call an electrician to fix the problem,” van der Merwe explained.

“Not everyone has the money to hire their own electrician or their own toilets. If it wasn’t for my daughter who is in Australia, I couldn’t afford the extra costs.

Nancy Simoes, stands next to her clogged drain.

Nancy Simoes said her drain had been blocked for two months.

Elsie Theart said the last time the sewers were clogged, dirty, stinky water reached their doorstep with nappies and condoms.

“I don’t always have hot water. It’s cold, it’s winter. I need hot water to survive the weather conditions. I now have to do all my chores with cold water,” Theart said.

Marlene Bergh said she was caring for her husband who is in a wheelchair.

“I have to wake up at 05:00 am in the cold to do my laundry every day because the water level has gone down at that time. During the day, I cannot wash anything because the water is rising,” said Bergh said.

“In the five years that I have been here, the sewers have clogged twice.

“The municipality takes the time to take care of it.

“The main hole is next to a big tree.

“The last time they pumped stuff out of that main hole, tree roots came out.

“I think the tree should be cut down because it could affect the infrastructure,” Bergh said.

Ward 39 Clr Kade Guerreiro said the Kruinhof retirement village is part of the Ekurhuleni rental stock and is maintained by the city and relevant departments.

“Courts and gardens are cleaned regularly within six weeks. Kruinhof has no security personnel.

“This matter has been discussed with housing officials.

“Toilets and sewers are a huge challenge with regular blockages and departments are doing their best to respond quickly,” Guerreiro said.

“The housing department and officials are aware of blockages in two units and crews are expected to arrive soon to fix and unblock,” he said.

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“The sewage pipes in Kruinhof and Elandsfontein are overloaded with illegal connections. The current infrastructure is old and under great pressure.

“There is an increase in the local population and illegal connections to the sewage system in the area.

“The community in the area should consider sewer line upgrades a priority in their IDP budget for the 2023/24 fiscal year,” Guerreiro said.

Water drains have been blocked at the Kruinhof retirement village for two months.

Zweli Dlamini, spokesperson for the CoE, said all maintenance-related complaints are dealt with as complaints are received.

“Major infrastructure maintenance is planned and implemented in accordance with the city’s maintenance plan.

“The last major maintenance work was carried out in 2020.

“The city will soon assign contractors to take care of the maintenance work. Once the contractors are assigned, then the matter will be resolved,” Dlamini said.

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“Sewage is not an issue, however, sewer lines are blocked when tenants throw items such as plastics, cans, diapers, etc. down the toilet or the drain line,” a he declared.

“The city’s human settlements, energy and real estate departments are responsible for various areas of maintenance of the retirement village,” Dlamini said.

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