Kalamazoo’s Food Dance to close its doors. This time for good

In an announcement that is sure to be a disappointment to longtime Kalamazoo residents, Food Dance has announced that they are closing their doors.

For those unaware, Food Dance is a type of farm-to-table restaurant that focuses on creating artisan dishes with local foods and sustainably raised meats and fish. Besides their restaurant, they also have a small market where you can buy pies, jams and other delicacies.

For the past two years, like many local restaurants, Food Dance has closed due to lack of business, but was finally able to reopen. Indeed, the owner, Julie, had announced that she would be retiring in 2021 but seemed to change her mind when it was announced that Food Dance would remain open:

Good day ! Food Dance announces it won’t be closing after all

But, almost a year later, the situation has changed.

On Facebook, Food Dance posted a long and heartfelt post that said, in part,

To our community, I want you to hear it from me, straight… Food Dance will be closing; Saturday April 9 will be our last day of service. I’m ready to retire and enjoy life outside of a restaurant. It may seem simple, but the decision to close Food Dance was anything but simple. I care (and worry) about the staff, our loyal farmers, vendors and the community. I find peace knowing that for the past 28 years Food Dance has been a cornerstone in Kalamazoo and has helped create space for many local food businesses, helped support the growth of our food system local and helped raise awareness of “eating well” in the community.

The post you can see herewas made by Julie who went on to say that she was honored to be part of Kalamazoo and that she and the staff appreciate all the support.

So what now?

As the post states, their last day will be April 9th. Until then, Julie encourages the locals to stop by to grab the insanely delicious food that Food Dance is known for (those jams, though!).

Although the post doesn’t state it, I’m sure the staff and Julie would love to know how you’ve cherished Food Dance and the memories you’ve made with friends and family over the years.

Working in a restaurant is exhausting enough, not to mention successfully owning and operating one for almost 30 years in one location. Although this establishment will be missed by the community, I hope that we can all unite in wishing Julie a happy retirement. Cheers!

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