Inspired Villages acquires site for its new Net-Zero retirement community in Hampshire


Insharply Villages announced the purchase of a to place in Horndean, Hampshire, with regional developer Highwood Group. The to place has an urban planning permit for the company to deliver 120 new net-zero energy-regulated carbon houses for over 65 years old.

The acquisition follows announcements earlier this year that Insharply Villages will supply the first two to the UK operationally net zero retirement communities – Millfield Green, Bedfordshire and Ampfield Meadows, Hampshire. The village in Horndean will support the environment through the production of renewable energy, on-to place photovoltaics, recharging of electric vehicles, improvement of the building structure and inthermal insulation, mechanical heat recovery and aerothermal heat pump technology.

Insharply Villages is supported by a joint venture partnership between Legal & General and NatWest Group Pension Fund which will see Insharplythe wallet goes to 34 villagesinincluding diet in Horndean – over the next 10 years. This ambitious pipeline aligns with their commitment to address the severe shortage of age-appropriate housing in in the UK while meeting the need for ecological and sustainable housing. Research Shows 12.4 Million Over 65 Years Ago in the United Kingdom but only 78,000 housing units with care units, while the number over 65 is set at inincrease to 18 m by 2040.

Insharply Villages working at in partnered with one of the leading South Coast developers, Highwood Group, to submit a reserved material request for the nine acres to place in Hornde. Once approved, work must begin in 2022.

In addition to 120 stylish and age-appropriate apartments, the development will also be inClosing a village center focused on well-being with equipment inincluding a swimming pool, exercise studio, gymnasium, library, craft room, restaurant, bar / cafe and cinema room so future residents can enjoy an exceptional lifestyle in retirement. The fitness facilities and restaurant will also be open to local Horndeans community also on a membership basis to add to the dynamism of the village.

Jamie Bunce, CEO of Insharply Villages, noted: “Our recent land purchase for our Horndean community is extremely exciting for us and a vital step in both the expansion of our portfolio and our ongoing commitments to net-zero, creating a village with obvious environmental benefits as we move towards a carbon-free future.

He added: “We know there is a growing need for age-appropriate houses in Hampshire, and this recent purchase and planning permit obtained from the council allows us to respond effectively to this demand and to support the physical and mental well-being of the elderly in The area. The project will allow us to provide suitable, safe, secure and stimulating environments for retirees, helping them to live in good health, independent lives for longer.”

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