Finally, a proactive initiative from the retirement village sector – and asking for only a small amount of money

The “missing middle” is how single women without sufficient funds for real housing have been qualified, a group that many retirement village operators are familiar with for sometimes desperate housing demands.

To the Retirement Living Council’s credit, they’ve spearheaded an initiative that’s going somewhere to fix the problem – doing the deep policy work for the government that could unlock a significant stock of retirement villages, including homes that are no longer suitable for contemporary housing but still more than fit for purpose.

As an opening proposal, the RLC proposes a minimum of 400 village houses available in the first year.

For a government to build 400 affordable housing units, say $300,000 each, it would cost $120 million. This does not reflect the actual picture, as the type of village stock offered is often found in the main and middle suburbs where the land content alone would be $500,000+.

See the bigger story below and read the full proposal HERE.

The RLC is requesting $5 million over two years to establish the mechanism to match women at risk with available stock. They also ask for some relatively minor concessions.

The important point is that the retirement village sector proactively approaches the government with a positive initiative.

This delivers conversations on a positive level and builds respect and trust, ingredients missing over the past 10 years, resulting in multiple releases of new regulations, most without consultation with the industry, in every state. And the federal government has shown no interest in the sector.

All Village Operators must download the proposal document and repeatedly deliver it to their local members – federal and state.

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