Edmond Retiree gives life to a community of quiet retirees

Creekside Village was a quiet retirement village in Edmond where residents spent their day. Then, two years ago, Dianne moved in and things were never the same.

Meet Mary Hammon, Ruth Linthicum and Jan Byford, all in their 80s, and their new, younger neighbor Diane Honeycutt, who brought the Circle of Friends to life.

“Well, this lady moved into the apartment here, and she came in like a gentle breeze, but then it turned into a tornado,” said Creekside resident Mary Hammon.

Honeycutt brought instant energy to the group.

“I was pretty much in my apartment, you know, and just glued to the TV,” Hammon said.

Honeycutt refused to let her new friends sit down any longer.

“I’m the type of person who says you’re going to do this, come on, what are you doing?” Why are you going here? I am authoritarian. I am their mother,” Honeycutt said.

The ladies frequently come out to eat and when they show up the party begins.

“I love hanging out with them because they have everyone in the whole restaurant looking at us,” said Creekside resident Ruth Linthicum.

“I ask them, I said when I walked in, are you ready for this rowdy bunch,” said resident Jan Byford Creekside.

When they’re not going out, there’s usually a friendly card game.

“We taught Diane to play Skip-Bo and now she beats us 90% of the time,” Hammon said.

Honeycutt always takes care of the ladies and prays for them.

“And we call her our prayer warrior because in no time she’ll be in a prayer,” Hammon said.

“I mean when she says a prayer, you know you’ve been prayed for,” Byford said.

And as much as the band needs Diane, she needs her.

“You know, friends are more precious than gold and I said, I’m covered in gold here,” Byford said.

These ladies are extremely close and truly consider each other sisters.

“It’s just heaven here, it is what it is, you couldn’t ask for a better place to live,” Byford said.

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