Colton Moore wins NWGA State Senate seat, backed by teachers and law enforcement

Senator-elect Colton Moore with Trenton Police Department Chief Steve Beaudoin

Senator Elector Moore said, “Strong Republicans had a great night in Northwest Georgia. I am honored to represent Liberty in Georgia’s 53rd Senate District. A thank you is due to our Lord and Saviour, to every voter, to our teachers, to our law enforcement and to everyone who has worked on this campaign.”

Elected State Senator Colton Moore has declared victory on Steven M. Henry in the 53rd Georgia State Senate District. Moore dealt a blow to the RINO facility in Georgia. The seat is currently held by Jeff Mullis, who selected and endorsed Henry, and whose term will expire in January 2023.

Moore appears to have beaten Henry with 20.8% of the budget Henry had. The latest leaked reports as of May 10, 2022 were that Henry had raised $122,665.00 while Moore reported just $32,144.00.

Senator-elect Colton Moore commented, “Strong Republicans had a great night in Northwest Georgia. I am honored to represent Liberty in Georgia’s 53rd Senate District. Thank you to our Lord and Savior, to every voter, to our teachers, to our law enforcement, and to everyone who worked on this campaign. Congratulations to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, Representative-elect Mitchell Horner, Representative Steve Tarvin and Representative Mike Cameron for winning their races. I look forward to representing Northwest Georgia with each of you as we restore freedom to our corner of the state.

With 100% of constituencies reported, Colton Moore beat Steven Henry by a margin of almost 3%. Moore tallied 14,631 votes to Henry’s 13,807 votes. There were a total of 28,435 votes and Moore declared victory with 51.45%.

Colton Moore’s Campaign Manager and Internet Expert Michael Gargiulo said, “What an incredible day of victory for Liberty in America and Georgia. Colton is one of the greatest leaders I know and we are very happy to have led him to victory. An additional thank you to all American veterans, our team, our volunteers, our fellow citizens and all voters. The civic process and free speech in America would not be the same without the freedom-focused campaigns that represent what we stand for.

Gargiulo also serves as CEO of VPN.coma for-profit organization against censorship and free speech, and previously worked with Colton Moore as premium domain broker at acquire for Governor Brian Kemp in 2018. The two met in high school through the Career Technical Student Organization called Georgia Future Business Leaders of America. The two went on to graduate together from the University of Georgia in 2015. Gargiulo confirmed that he will continue to help Moore in his role as they build the team to support the citizens of Northwestern Georgia. and conduct future campaigns.

Gargiulo concluded his statement with “a special thank you to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, some of her former aides who worked on this campaign, and all of the aides who led us to victory, including Joshua Abernathy, Garrett Jacobs , Gabriella Rowell and so many more. We look forward to winning with Colton in many future campaigns and representing the people of Northwest Georgia. Stronger business leaders and citizens need to get involved to constructive way to make a positive difference in government.

When asked about his early business, Senator-elect Moore said, “In addition to supporting other strong Republicans like Lieutenant Governor candidate Burt Jones, citizens can expect me to expand our teachers’ rights, expand our sheriff’s retirement programs and purge all voters who are no longer with us from our voter rolls.

Moore said, “Further, I call for the total repeal of the Northwest Georgia Joint Development Authority (known as the Quasi-Governmental Organization or QGO) which has been improperly influenced by Senator Jeff Mullis, and is unnecessary governmental authority over our Citizens.”

Moore goes on to state, “I believe the JDA is government interference and I demand that every county in northwest Georgia review and effectively withdraw from the JDA immediately. Right now, the JDA has limited the free markets in northwest Georgia, expanded corruption, and given Jeff Mullis a way to control the flow of money into the district. It won’t be anymore.

More than 200,000 citizens are represented by the senator from Georgia’s 53rd district.

Moore concluded his VE Day statement with, “I am an auctioneer and a cattle rancher, but people have chosen me to continue to represent our conservative Republican values. Secure elections and honest law enforcement are what our society is built on. I will represent Northwest Georgia with every fiber of my being as the most conservative premier Republican in the Georgia State Senate and in the entire Georgia Assembly. I wish all Georgians a happy, safe, and freedom-filled Memorial Day weekend,” Moore concluded.

State Senator-elect Colton Moore meets with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

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