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Finding the right home often comes down to how one feels, but sometimes it seems like there’s more to it than that, as maybe a sign that it’s the right choice for you?

Whenever we consider a new home, the mantra is always location, location, location, but location isn’t just about zip code! While geography is important, location also includes consideration of amenities and opportunities to enjoy the things you love to do — and that’s why Barbara Tucker put her name down for a suite in the newest building. from Elim Village Garrison Crossing, The Hawthorn.

A sign for now and for the future

Barbara and her husband Robin first moved to Elim Village in May 2018. They had lived in many different places before deciding to settle in the independent living community of Elim. Robin had initially resisted the idea – just as Barbara had initially resisted moving to Canada from England many years before – until she received a small sign of greater power.

Barbara and Robin had asked God for guidance on moving to a new country, and the answer came when Robin was offered a job in Canada. It was the right choice and the boost came at the right time. Several years later, the couple decided to put their trust back in God when they discussed moving to Elim. Robin was opposed to the idea, Barbara recalls, “He thought a retirement community was a sign of old age – he didn’t admit he was old until he was 99!” She persisted and they made an appointment. It was when Barbara picked up one of her devotional books and the passage it opened to read, “You walk the road of my desire” – that they knew where they had to be.

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A home for where you are now

It was the best choice for them – Robin was more than happy, enjoying lots of new friends and activities. Both cherished Christian companionship in Elim. “I felt it was really made for us,” notes Barbara.

Sadly Robin passed away in December 2020, and Barbara, now 97, has decided the time is right to move to The Hawthorn when it opens in a few months – that way she can stay in the community she enjoy while enjoying the many conveniences and conveniences with Hawthorn’s Independent Plus.

It truly is the best of both worlds – two meals provided per day means no longer having to stand in the kitchen to cook, but Barbara can still enjoy the luxury of her own private suite. It also means camaraderie that comes from communal spaces like dining rooms and living rooms and sharing time with like-minded people, all in the same large community.

God’s boost in 2018 went beyond the immediate – it was a step on the way to a great home for Robin and Barbara as a couple and for Barbara in the future – meeting their needs in the present and for the future.

Learn about Elim Village Garrison Crossing in Chilliwack, a great place to live. Find them on Facebook here.

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Learn about Elim Village Garrison Crossing in Chilliwack, a great place to live.

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