A retirement village is growing in a village near Maidstone

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A RETRAITE village is looking to expand with plans for 39 additional homes.

Ledian Farm in Leeds, near Maidstone, has been redeveloped into a retirement village by Inspired Villages

Approval for the village concept was first granted in 2012, but construction of the first houses did not begin until 2019.

Now Inspired Villages is looking to continue with phase three, the final stage, which will include another 39 homes ranging from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom cottages.

This will increase the size of the village from 116 houses to 155.

This would be located on former pasture to the immediate right of the current development, backing onto a small number of residential properties.

There are mixed feelings about the proposal.

Some villagers oppose it citing extra traffic and excessive development as reasons, while others are largely in favor.

Inspired villages have offered places on site to households that do not have off-street parking in the complex and who are directly affected by the scheme.

County Councilor Gary Cooke said while residents could mourn the loss of the watchtower land, the alternatives could be worse.

He said, “It’s about being careful what you wish for.”

The village is built around a clubhouse which includes a swimming pool, spa, gym, restaurant and shop, all open to the public.

In a planning statement, Inspired Villages said: “The development will be operated by Inspired Villages, which already has a number of care retirement communities across the UK and a proven track record of delivery.

“The proposal is specifically designed to meet the needs of older people.

“Overall, the program provides a number of significant economic, social and environmental benefits, and in particular would provide much needed housing for older people in an area where there is a significant deficit in this type of housing.”

On May 26, Maidstone Borough Council decided to approve the application with conditions.

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